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An Episcopal school that empowers each child to change the world
  • Enrolling for Fall 2015
  • St. Philip's Academy
  • Exceptional Academics
  • Collaborative Learning
  • Relevant Faith
  • Open Enrollment
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February 18
Ash Wednesday services in chapel, 8:15 am

February 18
Dallas Symphony Meyerson Field Trip

February 18
Spirit Night at PDQ

February 25
Made in God's Image by Fashion Club of Texas

February 27
Tuition Assistance Applications Due

February 27
Open House, 9-11 am

CANCELLED February 28
Open House, 9-11 am

March 2
Early Admission Deadline

March 3
Study trip to the Heritage Museum

March 27
Study trip to the Perot Museum

April 2
Stations of the Cross

  • Committed to excellence in academic preparation, spiritual development and world impact!

Exceptional Academics
Instilling a life long love of learning

Students will be challenged through hands-on experiences in a technology-enabled environment to develop a love of learning.

Exemplary Academics at St. Philip's Academy in Frisco more

Relevant Faith
Forming the foundation of practical faith

Students will daily explore practical ways to lead lives of grace while finding within themselves the faith to make a difference.

Relevant Faith at St. Philip's Academy in Frisco more

Servant Leadership
Positively impacting the World

Students will acquire a global worldview as they see themselves as leaders in a broader world and know that they can make it better.

Global Perspective at St. Philip's Academy in Frisco more